Weatherford Achieves Milestone

Weatherford International, Inc. announced that its Completion Systems division had successfully deployed its first Expandable Liner Hanger (ELH(TM)) in YPF Maxus' Cinta E-11 well offshore Indonesia.

The ELH was used to hang 60ft of Weatherford's Expandable Sand Screen (ESS(TM)) inside 7-inch casing at a depth of 3,500 feet. After the ELH was set, the ESS was expanded in the second trip. Key to setting the ELH was Weatherford's unique Compliant Rotary Expansion System that employs a rotating radial force to expand the hanger rather than driving a fixed dimension cone through it.

Expandable technologies refer to both slotted and solid expandables, related tools and accessories, and specialized expansion systems. All share the ability for expansion after downhole installation. Weatherford pioneered the application of expandables for downhole sand control with its ESS(TM) System. These systems were brought into commercial use during 2000-2001. When expanded, the ESS allows greater borehole productivity and the ability to perform remediation work. To date, Weatherford has successfully installed numerous ESS Systems worldwide totaling approximately 13 miles in length.