J. Ray McDermott to Build Jacket & Deck for Seneca's VK 432 Platform

J. Ray McDermott has been awarded a contract by Seneca Resources Corporation for the design engineering, procurement, structural fabrication, process outfitting and loadout of a three-pile jacket and deck. The contract is expected to be completed by May 2006.

Components of the turnkey proposal include the jacket, deck with process facilities, piles and heliport. Pinnacle Engineering will provide the detail design and equipment procurement as the principle subcontractor working with J. Ray on the turnkey contract. The completed facility will be installed in approximately 124 feet of water in Viosca Knoll Block 432.

"We expect this award to demonstrate to the market the cost competitiveness of J Ray's Morgan City facility for shelf work and our flexibility in bringing the right team members to the table to offer our customers a winning solution," said Steve Becnel, J Ray's General Manager of Fabrication Operations.

J. Ray's Morgan City Fabrication facility was established in 1956 and for over five decades has been the construction site for some of the offshore industry's most significant projects. Continuous improvements and investments in infrastructure, along with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, have enabled the facility to competitively and safely produce quality structures for the offshore oil and gas industry.