Shell Awards HHI Bonny Terminal Project

Hyundai Heavy Industries signed a contract for $600-million for the Bonny Terminal Integrated Project from Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) earlier this week.

HHI will perform the project on turnkey basis. The scope of the project ranges from design, procurement, fabrication, transportation, installation through to start-up. The contract price is $580 million with the main contract for $480 million and the additional contract for $100 million. The project is complex, requiring work on both an on and offshore plant. The main project is to repair the existing facilities and to supplement the new facilities to the oil terminal plant, and the additional project is to fabricate Single Point Moorings(SPM) and to install the 39-km pipeline to carry refined oil to the terminal. According to the base turnkey contract, HHI will design the facilities for water treatment, HVAC, measurement, communication, and living quarters.

In the course of bidding for this project, domestic and overseas competitors ran a tight race, HHI is the first to cross the finish line with distinguished performance records and technology in on- and off-shore plant projects. HHI has performed onshore plant projects such as the Hyundai Refinery Complex, Hyundai Petroleum, and Ulsan & Busan Oil Terminals, and has accumulated a great deal of experience in fabrication and installation of large offshore facilities ordered by oil majors.