Statoil Granted Drilling Permit for 34/11-5S in License 193

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has granted Statoil a drilling permit for well 34/11-5 S offshore Norway.

Well 34/11-5 S will be drilled from the Kvitebjørn drilling facility. The drilling program for well path 34/11-5 S applies to drilling of wildcat wells in production license 193.

Kvitebjørn is a gas condensate field that has been developed with an integrated accommodation, drilling and processing facility with a seabed steel jacket. It is in 190 meters of water. Eleven production wells are planned to be drilled. The processing plant is dimensioned for a daily production of 20.7 million scm rich gas and 10,000 scm condensate. Drill cuttings and polluted water are injected in a dedicated disposal well.

The permission presupposes that other permissions and consents required from other authorities have been granted before the drilling activity commences.

Licensees in PL 193 are Statoil as operator with 43.55%; Petoro AS with 30%; Norsk Hydro with 15%; Enterprise Oil with 6.45% and Total with the remaining 5%.