Public Environmental Hearings Held for Tub-Karagan & Atashsky Areas

Atash Company and Tub-Karagan Operating Company B.V., being the subsidiaries of KazMunaiTeniz and LUKOIL Overseas Shelf B.V. held in Aktau (center of Mangistau Region in west of Kazakhstan) the public hearings on environmental impact assessment of the planned oil operations at Tub-Karagan and Atashsky areas of Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea.

The main objective of the hearings was to inform the regional community on geophysical studies held and their impact upon environment.

The following geophysical studies are planned in spring/summer of 2006 at Tub-Karagan and Atashsky areas:

  • 2D seismic survey using the common depth point method, in order to clarify the geological structure of Atashsky prospects;
  • electric survey using differential normalization method at Atashsky and Tub-Karagan areas with the objective of identifying and contouring the prospects with abnormal polarization properties;
  • engineering and geological studies prior to exploration drilling, with the objective of seabed terrain survey, identification of sea ground physical and mechanical properties and lithology, discovery of gas pockets in the future jack-up rig mounting point.

Marine oil operations will be performed in strict accordance with the environmental laws of Kazakhstan. All field activities will be accompanied by the environmental monitoring. Industrial and utility waste will be transported to shore and handed over to specialized utilization facilities according to zero discharge system.

The environmental impact estimated as minimal. Therefore, the final hearings protocol contains consent with the marine oil operations at Tub-Karagan and Atashsky areas.

The total in-place hydrocarbon reserves of Atashsky are 248,8 mmtoe, reserves of Tub-Karagan - 324 mmtoe.