Chevron Selects IBM eServer Technology for Oil Exploration

IBM says that Chevron Corporation selected an IBM cluster built with AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based IBM eServer 326 servers to power its extremely compute intensive depth imaging technology. Working with IBM, Chevron has been able to process data up to seven times faster, enabling the company to make quicker, more accurate choices before drilling.

Oil exploration and drilling are expensive undertakings, and both time and accuracy are critical. Chevron relies on sub-surface pictures of its land to choose where to drill and minimize the associated risks. By running its depth imaging technology on more than 700 nodes of dual AMD Opteron processor-based IBM cluster, Chevron is able to turn data around faster, improving processing time and productivity while lowering operating costs.

Chevron's cluster runs Linux and provides compatibility for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications, allowing Chevron to continue running some 32-bit applications while taking advantage of 64-bit computing.

"Chevron's top priority is growing its business and serving partners, not IT. By choosing an IBM e326-based cluster powered by AMD Opteron processors, Chevron created a platform that allows it to achieve its goals while operating more efficiently," said Leo Suarez, vice president, IBM eServer xSeries. "To IBM, that is the definition of on-demand. Customers like Chevron recognize the value of our on-demand strategy, and, as a result, IBM continues to win customers from competitors."

The IBM e326 is a high-performance 1U server that was expanded in April to include support for Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors. In 2003, IBM was the first tier one OEM to introduce AMD Opteron support with their server and workstation line, reinforcing IBM's commitment to offer customers the greatest amount of choice when selecting the technology they need to power their business.

"IBM has continued to take a leadership role in delivering powerful systems to address the demands of enterprises running business-critical applications," said Kevin Knox, vice president, Commercial Business, AMD. "AMD is the undisputed leader in x86 dual-core processing performance and energy cost-savings for servers and workstations which helps companies like Chevron deliver essential resources quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively."