Digital Gas to Commercialize Breakthrough Oil Shale Technology

Digital Gas, Inc. signed an agreement to partner with a private US-based company (PRIVATCO) that owns the exclusive rights to a high temperature fuel cell (HTFC) method which is expected to dramatically reduce the cost for oil and gas recovery from a variety of unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

The broadly-patented HTFC approach is designed to make it possible to economically produce oil and gas from unconventional resources, such as oil shale, tar sands, heavy oil deposits, and coal bed methane, while producing electricity as a byproduct. Under the terms of the agreement, Digital Gas intends to make an equity investment in PRIVATCO, be responsible for drilling contract and funding matters on PRIVATCO-controlled properties, and will have the right to use the HTFC method on properties it acquires independent of PRIVATCO, subject to a royalty payment. Digital Gas expects initial HTFC units to be operational during 2006.