BP Receives Approval for Major Modification on Ula

BP Norge AS has secured consent to carry out major modifications on Ula in connection with tie-in of Blane and the Ula gas upgrade.

Blane is to be tied-in to Ula. The Blane field is located 36 kilometers west of Ula on the border between the British and Norwegian shelves. The operator for the Blane field is Paladin Recources Plc.

The oil and gas produced on Blane will be routed through a pipeline to Ula. The wellstream will be separated in a dedicated separator on Ula, with separate metering packages for gas, oil and water production, before these are routed to the existing process systems on Ula.

Two pipelines will also be installed for gas and water injection from Ula, as well as an umbilical for transfer of hydraulic power and signals for operation, control and monitoring of the subsea facilities on Blane.

The Blane module (picture) includes a separator, new staircase with a platform for placing ESD valves, and a Caisson with risers.

The consent also applies to installation of a new gas treatment and injection module to commence operation in September 2007.

Blane is expected to start producing in October 2006.