Orchard Petroleum Spuds Edge 1-10 Well in California

Orchard Petroleum reports that the Edge 1-10 well commenced drilling over the weekend. Orchard is partnering in this well with Livingstone Petroleum and Livingstone Exploration, Inc, its wholly owned subsidiary. Drilling is expected to take 12 to 14 days to reach a total bottom hole depth of 7,900 feet.

Our target is to test possible gas bearing stratigraphic traps in several formations including the Forbes Formation, a prolific gas producing structure in the region and similar to the gas discoveries made at Larner.

The Edge 1-10 well is the second well in the current drilling program and is located in the Sacramento Basin of California. The Edge location is a few kilometers east of the Larner discovery.

Testing of the recently completed Larner 2-12 well is expected within the next couple of weeks.

Participants in Edge 1-10 are Orchard Petroleum as operator with 50% and Livingston Exploration with the remaining 50%.