Hallin Marine Purchases Additional Saturation Diving System

Hallin Marine has purchased an additional Saturation Diving System, taking its total number of systems operated to five.

The nine man system with three man bell was extensively re-furbished at the end of 2004, prior to being operated by Hallin for the past six months under a rental agreement. Hallin then arranged purchase from the owners for a price circa US$2 million.

The purchase will:


  • protect Hallin from rising rental rates,
  • improve long-term profitability,
  • give greater flexibility, and
  • guarantee supply at a time when there is a shortage of saturation systems available for hire.
  • The system has already been deployed on the Heavy Derrick Lay Barge HD1000 for operations offshore the coast of India in support of ONGC, the state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Company of India. Additional works awarded should provide full utilization through to mid 2006.

    Saturation diving systems allow divers to work for long periods deep underwater. When not working, the divers live in pressurised living quarters replicating the pressure levels at which they work on the seabed. The living chamber resides on the deck of the operating vessel and the divers are transported from there to the seabed via a diving bell without changing pressure. It can take many days for a diver to decompress safely after working at depths of up to 200 meters underwater. The divers can spend up to 30 days at a time living within the pressurised system, decompressing just once at the end of that period.

    John Giddens, Chief Executive of Hallin Marine, said:
    "Hallin Marine's purchase of HMS-SAT-04 is a great addition to the company, cementing our position as a leading provider of subsea services to the oil and gas industry in Asia and the Middle East. The system has been put to work onboard our client's construction vessel, and is supporting operations offshore India. The additional contract provides 100% utilization of our fourth Saturation System through to spring 2006."