XTO Energy Announces Natural Gas and Oil Hedges for 2006

XTO Energy reports the addition of price hedges for future sales of natural gas and oil production in 2006. The hedge volumes for natural gas include 200 million cubic feet per day (Mmcf/d) at a NYMEX price of $14.08 per Mcf for the first quarter and 250 Mmcf/d at a NYMEX price of $11.19 per Mcf for all of 2006. Hedge volumes for oil production include 15,000 barrels per day (BOPD) at a NYMEX price of $59.53 per barrel for all of 2006. The following table details the Company's updated commodity swap transactions:

                                      Mcf or Bbls      NYMEX Price
                                        per Day      per Mcf or Bbls

       Natural Gas

       Jan-Mar 2006                     200,000         $ 14.08

       Jan-Dec 2006                     250,000         $ 11.19
                                         10,000         $  7.78


       Jan-Dec 2006                      15,000         $ 59.53

"With the Company's expansive drilling inventory, we are increasing our 2006 development efforts to accelerate growth into healthy economics. These commodity price hedges capture phenomenal returns on the related capital budget," stated Bob R. Simpson, Chairman and Chief Executive.