SigmaQuest Tapped by I/O to Provide Quality Control for its Seismic Equip.

SigmaQuest, the leading provider of software for managing product quality throughout manufacturing and a product's lifecycle, reports that Input/Output, Inc., a leading provider of seismic imaging technologies and digital, full-wave imaging solutions for the oil and gas industry, has agreed to utilize SigmaQuest's SigmaExpress software for regulating and managing the manufacturing quality of its land seismic acquisition equipment. The software, which provides insight into the product manufacturing process, helps ensure that only those products designed with the highest quality and reliability are shipped, a key criteria for customers ordering precision equipment.

"At I/O we provide seismic acquisition products to a very sophisticated audience, the oil and gas industry, and they demand extremely high-quality offerings," said Ken Maxwell, Hardware Engineering Director at I/O. "SigmaQuest's software and services are expected to provide a faster and easier approach in monitoring production data to ensure we are developing the highest quality products at our outsourced manufacturing facilities."

I/O intends to use SigmaQuest's SigmaExpress to collect, aggregate and analyze detailed production and test information from its own product test labs in Houston, Texas, as well as its global contract manufacturers. The company can also leverage the software to gain real-time visibility into performance trends and issues to quickly recognize where and when a product or process improvement should be made.

"For large and small manufacturing companies alike, managing product performance and collapsing time to quality is one of the biggest challenges they face," said SigmaQuest CEO, Nader Fathi. "We're very pleased that I/O has agreed to leverage SigmaExpress and anticipate that the company will find a significant return on this investment."