UK, Norway Sign Deal to Cut North Sea Carbon Emissions

Mr. Malcolm Wicks, the British Energy Minister, and Mr. Odd Roger Enoksen, the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, signed a joint declaration on geological storage of CO2.

This joint declaration demonstrates the mutual commitment and close relationship between the UK and Norway in the field of carbon capture and storage, Minister Enoksen says. - We have agreed to set up a North Sea Basin Task Force with the aim to develop comprehensive, common principles as a basis for regulating CO2 storage in the North Sea.

The declaration was signed at a seminar for North Sea rim countries held in London today. The seminar had the title "CO2 Capture and Storage: Collaborative Options for CO2 Storage beneath the North Sea". It was agreed to take bilateral steps to explore possible areas of co-operation to encourage injection and permanent storage of CO2 in geological structures beneath the seabed.

Both ministers recognized the important role sub-seabed injection of CO2 could have as one of the tools and approaches available to meet the challenges of climate change. The ministers noted that both countries have a huge potential for injection and permanent storage of CO2 in sub-seabed geological structures in the North Sea, either in producing oil fields for enhanced oil recovery purpose (EOR), in depleted oil and gas fields or in other geological structures. They feel confident that such storage can be done in a safe and reliable manner.