AJ Lucas Wins Major Directional Drilling Work

AJ Lucas has successfully secured the contract to directionally drill under 12 rivers in the northern section of Tasmania for the Duke Energy Pipeline. McConnell Dowell is the contractor for the installation of the Tasmania Gas Pipeline for the northern section and as such AJ Lucas Drilling Pty Limited is contracted to McConnell Dowell.

The pipeline runs from Five Mile Bluff to Port Latta, crossing many significant Tasmanian Rivers such as the Tamar, Mersey and Meander. The Tamar River Crossing at 2039 meters is reported to be the longest directionally drilled river crossing ever undertaken. Drilling has been completed on two of the river crossings with four other crossings being simultaneously carried out. The Tamar River has commenced. AJ Lucas has engaged four rig spreads ranging in size from 300t down to 50t in capacity. All of the river crossings are being carried out under strict environmental guidelines requiring a cooperative approach from McConnell Dowell, Duke Energy, Dept of Primary Industry, Waterways and the Environment for the Tasmanian Government.