Two ConocoPhillips Awards for Subsea 7 Norway

Subsea 7 has been awarded two contracts from ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS.

The first contract, valued in the region of US $32 million is for work associated with the Ekofisk 2/4 FTP by-pass project, in water depths ranging from surface to 80m in the North Sea. The scope encompassing this work will include the engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, removal, installation and pre-commissioning (EPCIC) of the subsea pipeline system for the project and will see the fabrication and installation of approx 500m of spools, a 90m long riser and associated platform work. Installation work is scheduled for 2006 and is a continuation to the pipeline bundle work awarded to Subsea 7 earlier this year.

The client has an option for further work associated with the project which is valued in the region of US $23 million and would include fabrication and installation of approx 470 m of spools, de-commissioning of existing systems, design and fabrication of protection covers, survey, metrology, and testing.

The second award, valued in the region of US $37 million is for a pipeline bypass around the Norpipe H7 gas booster platform which is located in the German sector of the North Sea in a water depth of approximately 40m. The work will include engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance of the 36in nominal diameter bypass which will be tied in to the existing Norpipe Gas Export Pipeline system. This contract is awarded from ConocoPhillips on behalf of Gassco who is the operator of the Norpipe.

Offshore operations for this contract will take place in 2006 and 2007 with the main diving campaign being performed around mid 2007.

Subsea 7's North Sea Vice President, Robin Davies, commented, "These are great contracts for us to be involved in as they lead on from the contract awarded in June by ConocoPhillips for the EPCIC of a 2,814 meter pipeline bundle. We are looking forward to being of service to ConocoPhillips in this campaign which will begin later this month."