Basker-Manta Project: Bouyance Problems with SPM

The Basker Spirit shuttle tanker arrived at its Basker location Single Point Mooring (SPM) on Tuesday, 22 November and connected to the SPM at 18:00 hours on the same day. Subsequently, the export line from the Crystal Ocean was connected and the hydraulic integrity of the system was successfully tested. Prior to commencement of the transfer of produced oil from the FPSO, Crystal Ocean, concerns arose regarding the buoyancy modules on the SPM in the splash zone. The decision was made to disconnect the Basker Spirit and modify the buoyancy module restrain systems prior to introducing oil into the export flowline. The in-situ modifications will take approximately seven days.

Production from the Basker-2 well into the Crystal Ocean was maintained until the 40,000 barrels of storage on the Crystal Ocean was filled. Currently the well is shut-in until the export system modification, mentioned above, is completed and oil can be transferred to the Basker Spirit. During the production period of approximately one week, production rate of 10,000 bopd was achieved from the upper zone consistent with the planned Extended Production Test. Subsequently, the lower zone was only produced at 5,000 bopd to preserve storage capacity on the Crystal Ocean while waiting for the Basker Spirit to arrive. The well was shut-in on Tuesday, 22 November, when storage capacity was reached.