3i Expands Focus into the Midstream Gas and Power Industry

3i will broaden its energy profile into the midstream gas and power industry with the appointment of Shaun Kingsbury as an industrialist in residence.

Shaun (38) brings a breadth of experience in the midstream gas and power markets having worked in the sector for 15 years in both the UK and US.

A business graduate from the University of Ulster, Shaun spent 10 years working for Shell in its liquefied natural gas, pipeline and energy trading divisions, over two years working for Centrica in the US and, most recently, was commercial director for ITI Energy, which invests in energy-related technologies.

His remit will be to assist 3i build on the success of its upstream oil and gas business through expanding into the midstream gas, power and renewables markets.

Shaun commented: "3i is recognized as a major player in the upstream oil and gas industry with companies such as Vetco International, Energy Development Partners, RBG and CH4 in its portfolio.

"The company is now looking to build on this strong position, and my role is to inject a greater understanding of the midstream gas and power markets as well as introduce contacts and gain access to these sectors both in Europe and the United States."

3i head of oil, gas and power Graeme Sword said: "There are many exciting opportunities in the midstream gas and power markets and Shaun's experience will be invaluable in helping us identify and take advantage of these.

"Our commitment to the upstream oil and gas industry remains strong, but the time is right for us to broaden our horizons."