Sakhalin Energy Says Vessels Blown Off Location Near LNG Site in Aniva Bay

Sakhalin Energy reports that early on the morning of November 22nd between 02:00 and 04:00 hours, three vessels associated with offshore construction activities at the LNG site in Aniva Bay were blown ashore during severe weather and high winds.

The vessels involved in the incident, a small anchor boat and two hopper-barges that were used to collect and transport dredged material, were unmanned at the time.

The vessels are aground approximately one kilometer west of the LNG site. They have been inspected and there are currently no reports of any fuel leaks. As a precautionary measure oil spill equipment has been mobilized to the site. A response team including the oil spill contractor Ecoshelf are on location. The situation is being continuously monitored.

Currently the sea conditions do not allow attempts to refloat the vessels safely. A plan is being developed to rectify the situation as conditions allow.

An investigation is underway into the incident and the relevant authorities have been informed.

Ian Craig, Sakhalin Energy CEO, said, “We regret that this unfortunate incident has occurred and any concern it may have caused in the local community. I am pleased to learn there have been no injuries or fuel leaks reported and we will do everything in our power to ensure that this remains the case. I will personally ensure that there is a full investigation to understand the circumstances and put immediate measures in place to avoid recurrence. I would however also like to express my thanks to those involved for the professional way they are responding.”

The vessels involved had been previously engaged on dredging work in Aniva Bay and they were awaiting demobilisation. Both of the hopper-barges were empty.