Knowledge Systems Introduces Advanced GoM Pressure and Stress Database

Over 200 wells in the Gulf of Mexico have been analyzed using advanced pore pressure methodologies that provide exploration and drilling operations with a much wider range of higher-quality data than previously possible.

The wells are part of a new Gulf of Mexico Pressure and Stress Database developed by Knowledge Systems to provide definitive pore pressure measurements and greater reliability for critical pressure information used in many exploration and drilling applications. The growing database targets thousands of Gulf of Mexico public wells for analysis.

"This pressure and stress database is a significant step beyond the limited data operators are used to obtaining," said James Webster, Chief Operating Officer of Knowledge Systems. "Using best practices developed by several joint industry pressure prediction projects, our geopressure and geomechanical experts have greatly advanced the scope and quality of data developed from public well logs and downhole pressure data."

The database is the most comprehensive, high-quality pressure and stress database available for the Gulf of Mexico. With more interpreted data types, such as pore pressure, overburden pressure and fracture pressure, operators are able to apply definitive measurements in planning and drilling wells, which helps improve safety and economics. Data quality and dependability is improved using the industry's most extensive calibration, modeling and peer review processes.

The flexible database is available in many industry formats. Users of Knowledge Systems' Drillworks® geopressure and geomechanical software can receive data in the Pressworks™ database format. Non-Drillworks users can use *.las files and accompanying attribute logs. The database currently contains interpreted data from over 200 wells, with additional wells being added monthly.

For 20 years, Knowledge Systems' innovative Knowledge-Based Drilling software, training and consulting services have been used by E&P companies to avoid trouble while drilling and improve exploration and drilling success. Knowledge-Based Drilling is the process of transforming the myriad and diverse data that is available at a geographic location into knowledge about geopressures as they affect drilling. Knowledge Systems has developed unmatched expertise and experience in geopressure and geomechanical analysis. Majors and independents worldwide rely on Knowledge Systems' software, geopressure consulting and training programs to achieve new levels of risk reduction, cost savings, and drilling performance.