Calvalley Petroleum Makes Oil Find at Hiswah-7 Well in Yemen

Calvalley Petroleum says that the Hiswah-7 was drilled horizontally into the oil-bearing Saar-Naifa formation and is the fifth successful horizontal well drilled into the Hiswah oil field. The well is located approximately 250 meters west of the Hiswah-6 horizontal well which tested at rates of up to 3,700 bbls per day. The well was drilled parallel to Hiswah-6 in order to intersect the same prolific zone discovered at Hiswah-6. Hiswah-7 was successfully drilled to 1,900 meters with the last 615.5 meters in the pay zone. With a horizontal section of 576 meters it is the longest horizontal well drilled by Calvalley in Yemen and as a result, is important from a technical standpoint, particularly in light of the fact that the well was completed in only 17 days. Hiswah-7 intersected the top of the Saar-Naifa reservoir higher than prognosis at a depth of 1,106 meters. The well penetrated oil-saturated, porous, high-energy carbonate grainstones over most of its length and based on log data the company is optimistic that Hiswah-7 will be another excellent producer.

Hiswah-7, together with the other four Hiswah horizontal wells, will be produced after production facilities are in place. Within the next few days, the drilling rig will move to another Hiswah location to begin the next horizontal development well.