Grenland Group Wins Tordis Field Fabrication Contract

Grenland Group has signed a letter of intent with FMC Kongsberg Subsea for the fabrication and assembly of the main structure of a Subsea Separation and Injection Station on Statoil's Tordis field.

The subsea structure, that shall be fabricated and assembled by Grenland Group, will have a total weight of 900 tonnes, and will consist of a complex manifold assembly with protection and supporting foundation structure. Furthermore, Grenland Group shall install a separation tank, pumps and control systems into the structure.

In addition to this structure, Grenland Group shall build a smaller manifold (Pipeline Inline Manifold) for the same project.

The fabrication of the steel structures will be carried out by Grenland Group's yards in Langesund and Tønsberg. The final assembly of the large structure, the pipe systems and components will be executed in Tønsberg, where Grenland Group has excellent facilities for such fabrication and subsequent testing.

Grenland Group is pleased to be an important supplier to FMC Kongsberg Subsea in this pioneer project in connection with Statoil's development of the Tordis field.

The delivery of the complete main unit will be late spring 2007, but the delivery of the smaller Pipeline Inline Manifold is scheduled for the summer 2006.

The total contract value for the Grenland Group deliveries in this project is between 40-50 million NOK.