SeaMetric’s New Offshore Heavy Lift Concept

SeaMetric International AS has developed Twin Marine Lifter (TML), new concept for heavy lifts to be used offshore for the installation and removal of oil and gas facilities. The Stavanger-based company has gained interest for the concept from several oil companies because of Twin Marine Lifter's cost-saving features compared to traditional heavy lift practices. SeaMetric, a privately-owned company, provides services and concepts to the oil and gas industry. The company intends to expand globally within two years.

SeaMetric's new heavy lift concept is based on simple principles and proven technology but combined in a uniquely new configuration enabling cost-effectiveness and greater robustness in harsh weather operating conditions.

Safety and low energy consumption are two key features of the Twin Marine Lifter concept. Rolf Olavesen, marketing director, believes the concept is beginnning to generate industry attention and that a comprehensive development phase of product development has yielded benefits. "We are currently in a dialogue with some North Sea operators concerning specific projects - both removals and installments. These are large and complex projects which require careful evaluation and planning. Close cooperation with the oil companies is essential," he said.

Olavesen said SeaMetric's Twin Marine Lifter has also generated interest from abroad. "We have many other services and concepts to offer the market. We are currently involved in several projects and are ready to meet the challenges of the removal and abandonment market when it takes off. That is one of our key strengths."