Fairchild's Technology Tapped for Alberta Oil Sands

Fairchild International's subsidiary, Syngas Energy Corp., has agreed to participate with a local Oil Sands extraction technology developer to use its M2 gas generator to extract energy from byproducts presently discarded in existing oil sand extraction processes.

"Present extraction technologies leave a lot of energy in the discarded sands and byproducts. We can use those discards and squeeze even more energy out of them, while leaving a much cleaner discarded byproduct," stated Wilf Ouellette, President of Syngas Energy Corp. "This test will prove our technology in a relatively new field."

Should the developer be satisfied with the results of the M2, the Syngas process will be integrated it into their new extraction processes. Syngas is very confident of the M2 gas generator's performance as it is designed for this type of feed-stock.

"Technologies to mine the energy from Oil Sands are developing at an incredibly rapid rate as the rate of discovery of traditional oil sources declines. We are fortunate to be on the cusp of another emerging technology that allows us to profit from waste while improving the environment," commented Robert Klein, President of Fairchild International Corp.

The energy produced from the M2 in turn will be used in the developer's new extraction processes to increase its overall efficiency.

Alberta's oil sands contain the largest known reserve of oil in the world. An estimated 1.7 to 2.5 trillion barrels of oil are trapped in a complex mixture of sand, water and clay.