Australia Contracts Add Up for Duffy & McGovern

Duffy & McGovern Accommodation Services has secured contracts with Fraser Diving and Trident for projects in Western Australia.

The leading offshore accommodation provider, which has a base in Perth, Australia, will supply a 16-man accommodation complex for use on the Arwana lay barge where Trident personnel are working to lay two pipelines for Rock Oil. Modules for the four-month contract will be loaded onto the barge in Singapore, using cabins from Duffy & McGovern's Singapore-based fleet.

The Trident complex comprises two 25 x 10 foot sleeper modules which each house eight men in a two-bedroom layout. Each bedroom sleeps four personnel with a shared en-suite wet unit and complies with the recently withdrawn APEA standards, which are similar to DNV2.7.1 and still sought after by many operators. The complex is linked via a central corridor, forming a completely enclosed living quarters.

Fraser Diving has commissioned an eight-man sleeper module for use over the next six months in Western Australia. The eight berth unit, which is one of a number of newly refurbished DMAS modules, will be used on the Clementine until May 2006.

Both contracts have a combined value of around AU$100,000.

"We are delighted to be working with Trident and Fraser Diving in the region," says Jonathon Silbert, Duffy & McGovern's representative in Australia. "This is the first occasion we have had to provide offshore accommodation to both these companies but we look forward to working with them on further projects in the future."