Wood Group and Grupo KC Open ETC Training Center in Venezuela

Wood Group has formed a joint venture with Grupo KC, a Venezuelan oil & gas technical services company, and established a training center focused on the Venezuelan and Latin American energy services industry. The center, ETC ("Energia Tecnologia Capacitacion"), is based in the Eastern Venezuelan city of Puerto la Cruz and has been developed to meet the increasing demand for quality training facilities in Venezuela.

The ETC training center, which opened in July and was officially inaugurated on September 22, 2005, specifically targets Venezuela's growing offshore industry as well as supports the existing onshore industry. The new facility is over 400 square meters, with eight training rooms, meeting and conference rooms, and business support services. ETC specializes in providing customized oil and gas training for the following areas: reservoir, drilling, production, pipelines, refining, petrochemical, and offshore facilities. ETC provides training in both English and Spanish. "ETC offers innovative training concepts, educational resources and performance improvement tools not currently available to our clients in Latin America," said Terry Andrews, general manager of ETC. "ETC is the first state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the oil and gas industry in Eastern Venezuela."

"The collaboration between Wood Group and Grupo KC is a strong one, as Grupo KC already performs training for a variety of clients in Venezuela, and Wood Group brings the added dimension of international and offshore experience," said Neil Harvie, vice president of Engineering and Production Facilities for South America. "The training courses offered can be customized to meet specific client needs and varying business objectives."

The new facility can be contacted at:

Plaza Major
Edif. 6, Local 6C-126
Anzoatequi, Venezuela
Tel: (58) 281-282-0880
Fax: (58) 281-281-8109
E-mail: ventas@etc.com.ve