El Paso Begins Open Season on ANR Pipeline

ANR Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of El Paso announced a binding open season for incremental natural gas storage and associated transport service. Results of the binding open season will be used to allocate capacity among all interested shippers. ANR held a non-binding open season this summer and received substantially more requests for capacity than its planned expansion could serve.

"The level of interest in our initial open season confirms the value of strategic natural gas storage along the ANR system," said Stephen C. Beasley, president of El Paso's Eastern Pipeline Group. "Moving forward with a binding open season will allow us to apply our expertise in the design, construction, and operation of natural gas storage to deliver enhanced storage capacity and services for our customers."

The open season will run from November 16, 2005 through December 16, 2005. ANR will use binding agreements from shippers to finalize project design and pursue the regulatory approvals needed to construct and place expansion facilities in service. Based on the results from the previous non-binding open season, ANR anticipates expanding its existing storage fields as well as developing one or more new fields, all in Michigan. The project will be placed in service in two separate phases. The binding open season announced today is designed to solicit requests for incremental service under Phase I, which will commence April 1, 2007. Following the conclusion of the current binding open season, ANR plans to hold another open season for Phase II, with service commencing April 1, 2008.