Quest Oil Begins Initial Production from Acadia 10-22 Well

Quest Oil reports that initial gas production at the Acadia North well "10-22" in Eastern Alberta totaled 56.7 mmcf for an average of 1.89 mmcfpd over the first 30 days of production.

Well "10-22" was effectively on-stream October 15, 2005 at a run rate of 1.0 mmcfpd to test the line pressures and understand characteristics of the well. Shortly after start-up the well lines experienced freezing due to the drop in pressure from well delivery into the low pressure Altagas collection pipe line. The remedy was the installation of a methanol injection pump to continuously keep the values and line from freezing. After a three day test period well "10-22" production was slowly increased to 2.10 mmcfpd reaching the capacity of the Altagas collection pipe line.

Operators of the well "10-22" Transaction Oil and Gas Ventures, notified the Company today that extra line capacity is now available and that Quest will be allowed to ramp up production to between 2.5 and 3.0 mmcfpd.

Company President and CEO, Cameron King stated; "10-22" is capable of producing at a consistent flow rate of 5 mmcfpd or twice the current production run rate with little draw down on well pressure. The Company is very pleased to have reached this production benchmark and with continued focus and investment we will be able to create a sizeable multi-well play in the Acadia Valley area.