ExxonMobil's Selects Gasoline Sulfur Removing Process

ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company announced today that a unit of Williams has selected EMRE's proprietary SCANfining(a) gasoline sulfur reduction process to be applied at their Memphis, Tennessee refinery. The refinery joins the rapidly expanding list of worldwide locations where this process has been chosen to meet new stringent gasoline specifications.

Williams expects this proven technology to satisfy its Memphis refinery's current needs for gasoline sulfur reduction and provide the flexibility required to meet future needs.

Successfully demonstrated at ExxonMobil refineries and EMRE licensee facilities, the SCANfining process selectively removes sulfur from catalytically cracked naphtha while minimizing octane loss. The technology uses a proprietary, selective catalyst (RT 225) jointly developed by EMRE and Akzo Nobel Catalysts and minimizes the loss of octane-rich olefins and hydrogen consumption. The Williams unit will have the capacity to process approximately 40,000 barrels per day of catalytic naphtha.

EMRE and Halliburton KBR will jointly provide basic engineering for the project. Halliburton KBR, a business unit of Halliburton, supports the marketing and engineering of EMRE hydroprocessing technologies through the EMRE and Halliburton KBR Hydroprocessing Technology Alliance.