Centurion Gold Moving Ahead with Alaskan Oil & Gas Project

Centurion Gold Holdings has received the confirmation report for Escopeta Oil & Gas leases, which stated an estimated value at $4.5 billion dollars on the East Kitchen prospect alone. Centurion Gold contracted renowned petroleum engineers Prator Bett, LLC to study the seismic and related geological information on the Cook Inlet leases. The report provided by the independent third party confirmed that in the mid range there is, as per industry standards, a potential of 246 million barrels of oil and 1.20 billion cubic feet of gas, which is considered to be conservatively valued. At the high level, this is substantially more at 933 million barrels of oil and 3.20 billion cubic feet of gas, which was also conservatively valued at $18 billion. Based on the confirmation report, payments have been completed as per the lease agreement.