Pacific Stratus Finds Gas with the Don Pedro-1 Well

Pacific Stratus Energy reports encouraging initial drilling results from Don Pedro-1, located in the Doima Block in the Upper Magdalena Basin of Colombia. The total measured depth of the well was 3,555 feet, reaching all four main targeted reservoirs.


  • Four reservoirs discovered
  • In addition to expected trapped oil, promising gas formation encountered
  • Testing will determine from which zone production will commence
  • Pacific Stratus has a large undeveloped land position in the Doima Block

The measured depths of the targeted reservoirs were 2,335 to 2,395 feet into the sandy Guaduala Formation, 2,506 to 2,580 feet into the sandstones of the Monserrate Formation, 2,820 to 2,915 feet into the fractured cherts of the Villeta Formation, and from 2,950 to 3,265 feet into the sandstones identified as Areniscas del Cobre. Four separate reservoirs have been identified with well-defined seals between them and with individual thicknesses ranging from 60 to 315 feet. While drilling these units, the gaschromatographer sensed C1 to C5 coming from the Guaduala, Monserrate and Villeta Formations (with measures between 240 to 902 gas units of C1). Furthermore, oil samples were present in the shakers while drilling the deepest interval of Areniscas del Cobre.

Drilling resulted in a very strong gas kick-off, with an estimated pressure of 1200 PSI in the Monserrate Formation. Higher density mud is being utilized to control the high gas pressure intervals. For safety reasons, the gas and oil bearing intervals are being isolated with three cement plugs. The company is drilling a side track to re-enter the targets, after which it will run a full set of electric logs to select and test the intervals of interest. Results from the testing phase will allow the company to determine from which reservoir it may best commence production.

Despite the operational inconvenience caused by the gas kick-off, the well has shown excellent pressurized gas (1200 PSI), with casing head pressure (CHP) equal to 450-500 PSI, and oil-bearing deep reservoirs, all of which lead the company to believe that what has been encountered is one of a series of prospective structures along the gas-producing Monserrate - MontaƱuelo trend in the Doima Block. The company has a net land position of 325,000 acres in the highly prospective Doima Block.