Leaking from the Damaged Maersk Holyhead Has Been Stopped

The gas carrier Maersk Holyhead was berthed at the port of El Tablazo located at the entrance to Lake Maracaibo on Monday morning November 7th. The oil leakage from the damaged starboard fuel oil tank has been stopped and as precaution oil booms have been placed around the damaged area of the vessel. We have started the discharge of the vessel's cargo of gas and expect to finalize this over the weekend.

Our emergency response plan has been activated. Specialists in the area of oil spill containment and overall spill management are actively engaged in handling the situation. With the leakage of oil stopped, focus shifts to clean-up at shore and at sea.

We have had our own representatives on the location since 7 November and have notified and are working with the appropriate Venezuelan authorities.

As investigations are still ongoing it is at this stage not possible to comment on the cause of the accident.