Tri-Valley Restores Gas Well Production

Tri-Valley Corporation has recompleted its Martins-Severin No. 3 natural gas well in the Sacramento River Delta with an initial flow rate of more than 1 million cubic feet per day from the Nortonville formation. The well will be choked back to begin production at a rate of about 250 thousand cubic feet per day and gradually increased to an optimum rate to avoid sanding up the well bore.

Drilled in 1990, the No. 3 is part of a six well program that has produced more than 22 billion cubic feet of high quality gas from the unit put together by Tri-Valley and its then co-venture partner, Phillips Petroleum Company. Tri-Valley bought Phillips' interest in 2000.

Tri-Valley will now move its production rig to its Moffat Ranch East property near Madera, California, to begin recompletion work on three natural gas wells on that lease prior to drilling a 10,300-foot appraisal well to evaluate all zones to basement to design its program to develop the property.