Paradigm Expands its Global Customer Support

Paradigm(TM) has new customer support initiatives and expansion plans for its global customer support operation. As Paradigm geoscience and visualization software applications are increasingly being adapted enterprise-wide, Paradigm is responding by extending its focus in the critical area of customer support to meet global on-time support assistance.

David Verdun, Paradigm vice president of R&D and Customer Support, said, "We are committed to helping our customers maximize the value of their investment by transforming their input into efficient and productive solutions. Our goal is to be number one in industry customer satisfaction, delivering fast and accurate issue resolution. With this focus in mind, we are increasing our support team, stepping up training, and designing our customer center infrastructure to simplify technical support call handling through a single point of contact."

"In addition to the expansion of our customer support operations, Paradigm is adding Web-based quality assurance and customer support tools, as well as new user training programs, to facilitate an effective technology transfer, stated Paradigm's newly appointed Director of Technical Support Services," Chris Wills. "These programs will benefit Paradigm application users by providing them with the skills that will enable them to identify quality prospect generation in complex geological areas, while minimizing environmental impact," Wills continued.