Petrotrin & Schlumberger Deploy New Well Placement Technology

Petrotrin and Schlumberger have successfully deployed the PeriScope* 15 well placement technology for Petrotrin in the North Soldado field off the southwest coast of Trinidad.

Petrotrin, the national oil company of Trinidad and Tobago, deployed PeriScope 15 as part of a production enhancement campaign. PeriScope 15 was used to address a geological well placement challenge in the North Soldado Field. PeriScope 15 navigated a thin bed of oil-bearing sand in well S854, despite the complex subsurface environment. More than 1325 feet of oil-bearing sand between six and 10 feet thick was penetrated.

"We anticipated penetrating around 400 feet of pay sand, so the results far exceeded our expectations," said Kain Look Yee, operations general manager, Petrotrin. "Previous results from other horizontal wells were below expectations because of difficulties in maintaining the well path. With PeriScope 15 we could better navigate severe dipping and faulting to more economically drain the reservoir."

In addition to Trinidad, PeriScope 15 technology has been deployed on multiple jobs around the world including in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and the North Sea.

"PeriScope 15 technology alters the economics of pursuing small or challenging reservoir targets," said Hatem Soliman, general manager, Venezuela, Trinidad and Caribbean, Schlumberger. "Wells that were once impossible to complete or uneconomic can now be profitable."

PeriScope 15 technology is a unique, proactive well placement tool for directional or horizontal drilling. It provides deep, directional electromagnetic measurements that generate a 360º image and detect resistivity boundaries such as cap rock and fluid contacts up to 15 feet from the wellbore. Its information regarding direction and distance enables steering decisions to be made such that an entire horizontal well can be drilled in the best reservoir zone the first time, with no exits, ultimately yielding a less costly and more productive well.

PeriScope 15 directional, deep reading service for production enhancement is the most recent addition to the Scope* family of while-drilling services, which includes EcoScope* multifunction logging-while-drilling; StethoScope* formation pressure-while-drilling; and TeleScope* high-speed telemetry-while-drilling services. The new-generation Scope while-drilling services dramatically improve drilling performance and well placement—leading to increased production, sooner. Scope services set new standards for reliability and data quality, while quadrupling the data transmission rate over the industry standard.