BJ Tubular Services Wins Well Services Contract in Denmark

BJ Tubular Services has been awarded a contract by Maersk Olie og Gas AS of Denmark to provide a range of services on a number of wells located offshore Denmark in the Danish sector of the North Sea. In addition to hammer conductor-driving services, BJ will be supplying conductor running and cold-cutting services.

The three-year contract is being carried out by BJ Tubular Services personnel and equipment from its operations base in Den Helder, Holland, with administrative support coming from the division's office in Esbjerg, Denmark.

BJ Tubular Services will continue to use its state-of-the-art hydraulic pile driving system known as the S90 Hydrohammer on behalf of Maersk to drive conductors in order to create foundations for new wells.

The recent contract award to BJ Tubular Services follows the successful completion of a three-year contract with Maersk to supply hammer conductor-driving services, conductor running and make-up services, and conductor cold-cutting services. Since 2002, BJ has successfully driven conductors on more than 100 Maersk wells in the region. BJ has been running casing and tubing, driving conductors and supplying PCE (Primary Cementation Equipment) products to Maersk in Europe since the early 1990s.

BJ Tubular Services performed its first-ever hydraulic hammer conductor-driving operation in 1995 in The Netherlands. Since then, the division has delivered hundreds of single-slot hydraulic hammer conductor and caisson-driving operations worldwide, in Europe, Latin America, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Trinidad, China, the Middle East, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico. With the 2003 acquisition of hydraulic and diesel hammer services specialist Petro-Drive and Cajun Tubular Services of Louisiana, BJ Tubular Services expanded its range of casing and tubing running services, and hammer services capabilities into the Gulf of Mexico oil and gas market.