PSS for Tanker Offloading Unit Successfully Installed Offshore Sakhalin

Sakhalin Energy has achieved another important milestone in the development of the Sakhalin II project by completing the installation of the Piled Substructure (PSS) for the Tanker Loading Unit (TLU) in Aniva Bay, offshore Sakhalin Island.

The TLU is an integral element of the Sakhalin II Phase 2 Oil Export Terminal (OET), which is currently under construction in Prigorodnoye on the southern end of Sakhalin Island. Once operational, this facility will enable year-round exportation of oil produced at Sakhalin Energy's offshore production platforms in the north of the Island.

Sakhalin Energy has been successfully operating Russia's first offshore oil production platform - the Molikpaq - since 1999. Oil is currently produced during the ice-free summer season when it can be transferred from the platform to shuttle tankers for onward transportation to customers. During the Sakhalin II Phase 2 Project, the Molikpaq, along with two new offshore platforms that are currently under construction, will be connected to a pipeline network that will transfer hydrocarbons down the length of the Island to export facilities in Aniva Bay. Aniva Bay remains largely ice-free throughout the year, which will enable Sakhalin Energy to produce and export oil and gas from the Sakhalin Shelf throughout the year.

While the actual installation of the PSS on the seabed took nearly ten hours, the complete PSS installation process involved nearly two months of preparatory work - before the 1060 ton PSS was finally lowered into place in a water depth of approximately 30 meters.

The PSS will ultimately support a Rotating Head (RH) to which export tankers will be connected to receive oil for export to customers around the world.