Wood Group Logging Services Expands Deep Well Services in the GOM

Wood Group Logging Services has developed the 30/30 deep well skid unit capable of reaching depths over 30,000 feet and up to 30,000 psi. This unit is a proactive response by WGLS to the increasing depths of wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

Features on the unit include zero environmental discharge, a quick-change drum package and a VSF visual safe/fire warning system. It is redundant with power packs, transmissions, hydraulic pumps, measure systems, computer acquisition and brake system. The unit also includes proven industry tools that have been adapted to respond to greater depths. Established tools available on the unit are a free point/casing collar locator (CCL), string shot, gamma ray/CCL, temperature/CCL, and cablehead.

The 1-5/8” and 2” string shot tools have been uniquely developed by WGLS to also be offered on this new unit. The recovery function of the string shot has been enhanced with an encapsulation able to withstand 30,000 pounds of pressure within a well.

“As wells reach beyond previous depths, WGLS is pleased to offer a unit to support work at some of the highest bottom-hole pressures and temperatures encountered today,” said John-Paul Jones, president of WGLS. “This unit can respond to platforms where work was previously limited by standard equipment.”