Halliburton's GeoTap Tool Performs Well for Shell

Halliburton Drilling and Formation Evaluation Division recently achieved an industry first by successfully drilling and evaluating a 6 1/2-inch hole section for Shell Exploration & Production Company in deepwater Gulf of Mexico with a bottomhole assembly (BHA) comprising the GeoTap® formation pressure tester, Geo-Pilot® 5200 Series rotary steerable system, and a quad combo logging-while-drilling (LWD) suite with vibration sensors. This was the first time that pressures have been taken with a 4 3/4-inch LWD formation pressure tester. Eleven pressure tests were successfully taken in 11 attempts while drilling with the slimhole GeoTap tool.

"The new 4 3/4-inch GeoTap formation pressure tester represents a milestone in the industry," said Brady Murphy, vice president, Sperry Drilling Services, Halliburton Drilling and Formation Evaluation Division. "For the first time, our customers can get accurate formation pressure tests in real time from a slimhole LWD package.

"We're always proud to work with Shell teams as they continue to seek opportunities to test and drive new technologies in an effort to rationalize well costs and mitigate risk," said Murphy. "Shell saw that GeoTap had the ability to eliminate the need for logging, which saved rig time and reduced the risk of losing the borehole."

Since the introduction of the GeoTap while-drilling formation pressure tester, customers have been able to save rig time and avoid the costs and risks associated with drillpipe-conveyed wireline logging. The GeoTap tester complements Halliburton's extensive slimhole drilling and formation evaluation offering, helping operators pursue deep and ultra-deep fields, develop by-passed reserves, and maximize reservoir connectivity.