Oil Production Kicked Off at Palej JV

The Palej Oil Production Facility, a JV with the HOEC & GSPC as consortium partners, was inaugurated last week.

Mr. S C Upadhyay, Asset Manager, Ankleshwar, Mr. Jokhan Ram, Basin Manager, Western Onshore Basin, Mr. D J Pandian, MD, GSPC, Mr. Rakesh Jain, MD, HOEC, Mr. Shakhawat, DGH rep. along with the representative of Service providers participated in the inaugural function. Elated by the production facilities, Mr. Jokhan Ram congratulated HOEC and its team of scientists and engineers for bringing Early Production System in to a reality in a record time.

The Palej CB-ON-7 Block (pre NELP Block) JV in Cambay Basin have the consortium partners namely HOEC, GSPC and ONGC in which HOEC is the operator. HOEC and GSPC have a stake of 35% each and balance 30% is held by ONGC. The Production sharing contract (PSC) was signed in the year 2000 with the consortium partners.

The Pramoda-1 was drilled by the consortium as an exploratory stepout well to prove structural limits of Palej-4. The drilling of the Pramoda-1 proved to be commercially viable and led to formulation of Plan of Development. The three wells Palej-4, Pramoda-1 and Pramoda-2 have been connected at present with a cumulative production of approx. 60 m3/d. Dispatching of oil has already been started from October 26, 2005 through main trunk line to Koyali refinery.