Denmark Sees Great Interest in 6th Licensing Round

When the time limit for submitting applications in the 6th Licensing Round expired, the DEA had received 17 applications for oil and gas exploration and production licences. The applicants consist of 20 oil companies, including several companies not previously holding licences in Denmark.

Flemming Hansen, the Minister for Transport and Energy, says: ” I am very pleased with the number of applications received in the Licensing Round. It shows that oil companies are still interested in the Danish area. And it helps maintain stable exploration activity in Denmark. The applications offer opportunities for new discoveries that can contribute to the continuation of Danish oil and gas production for many years to come.”

The 6th Licensing Round was opened in May this year. As in the 5th Round, the areas offered for licensing comprise all unlicensed areas in the so-called Central Graben with adjoining areas (see the enclosed map). In recent years, oil companies have focused their interest on this area, which comprises all the producing fields.

The DEA will be processing the applications in the months ahead, and licences are expected to be issued in spring 2006. Under the provisions of the Danish Subsoil Act, the Minister for Transport and Energy is required, before awarding licences, to submit a statement to the Energy Policy Committee setting out the licences to be awarded.