Austral Pacific Spuds Oru-1 Well

Austral Pacific announced that the Oru-1 exploration well has commenced drilling in PEP 38716 (Austral 52.9%, operator) in the onshore Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. Oru-1 will take approximately two weeks to drill to a depth of 1700m (5,600 feet) to test a structure located above the eastern flank of the deeper Waihapa oil field. The Wingrove-1 well (1993), on the northern flank of the Oru structure, produced oil on test from thin sandstones near 1200m (4,000 feet) depth, but at sub-economic rates, and encountered good reservoir sandstones near 1500m (5,000 feet). These lower sandstones are similar to those producing oil at the nearby Cheal field, and are the main target of the Oru-1 well.

Cardiff-2A Operations

A second coil tubing operation is now in progress on the Cardiff-2A well, following further buildup of material inside the well to 150m (500 feet) above the top of the K3E pay interval at 4,800m (16,000 feet), which is inhibiting that zone from flowing. The well is presently producing gas and condensate from a higher pay zone, which will assist in lifting the blockage material to surface.

Other Drilling Operations

Preparation of the Pukengahu site is underway adjacent to the Oru structure. In the event of success at Oru-1, the Pukengahu well will be drilled during December. Construction of the Heaphy-1 well-site is also about to commence. In Papua New Guinea, construction of the Douglas-1 wellsite is well advanced. Shipping movements to bring the rig from USA to PNG are scheduled for end of year.