AMEC Secures Indonesian Offshore Services Contract

AMEC has been awarded a key offshore services contract for YPF Maxus, the largest offshore oil producer in Indonesia. In total, the company operates 77 offshore platforms across 33 fields.

The contract, awarded to AMEC Berca Indonesia, is valued at US$2.6 million over a 24-month period. It will initially involve delivering specific performance improvements across the client's northern business unit in Southern Sumatra, which contains 11 offshore platforms. The award follows on from an in-depth maintenance study which AMEC has carried out for YPF Maxus over the last two years.

The intent of the contract is to create an environment, which enhances the performance of the client's facilities. Specifically, this will involve AMEC maintaining and improving operational performance in safety, production volumes and cost in addition to environmental considerations.

This is the first project of this type to be awarded in Indonesia, where AMEC's extensive offshore operational experience, gained in the UK's North Sea, is being used to enhance the performance of a local oil producer.

Neil Bruce, Managing Director of AMEC's Upstream Oil and Gas Business Unit, said "This award is justification of our strategy to develop a local Indonesian based business unit, supplying a service that provides high level business skills to support local clients, based on our own global experience. This contract follows on closely from a similar contract recently awarded to AMEC by BP Indonesia to supply support services for the renovation of large numbers of offshore oil and gas platforms."