COSL Distributes Special Dividend

China Oilfield Services Limited says that shareholders' approval for distribution of a special interim dividend was obtained at the extraordinary general meeting held in Beijing.

Shareholders of domestic shares or their proxies who represented a total of 2,460,468,000 domestic shares attended the EGM. Shareholders of H shares who represented 574,801,925 H shares, appointed the Chairman of the EGM to vote in the EGM. Shareholders or their proxies in presence represented more than 50% of the total issued shares, 3,995,320,000 shares, of the Company.

The EGM was chaired by Mr. Wu Mengfei, Executive Director of the Company.

Jun Je Law Office was authorized by the Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited as the scrutinizer and was responsible for the written vote counting. The shareholders or their proxies considered and voted by poll.

The following ordinary resolution was approved with affirmative votes amounted to 3,035,269,925 shares and 0 objective votes during the EGM:

The special dividend per share is RMB1.39 cent (tax inclusive), and the total amount of dividend payment is RMB 55,534,948.