IEOC to Use Redline's Wireless Broadband for Offshore Rig Communications

Redline Communications reports that IEOC of Egypt, an oil and gas company and subsidiary of ENI Group Italy, has established a wireless broadband network connecting its onshore and offshore operations using Redline's systems. The network was engineered and installed by Econnect Business Innovations, an Egyptian-based systems integrator and Redline partner.

"IEOC is the first oil and gas company in Egypt to use wireless broadband technology to improve its operations," said Sameh Mangoury, Chairman, Econnect Business Innovations. "Redline's WiMAX-based equipment allowed us to establish connections over longer distances, and has outperformed other technologies. With the introduction of 802.16 standards, we believe that wireless broadband will quickly become the preferred choice for companies that need reliable, robust and affordable broadband connections."

Econnect has established wireless broadband connections between IEOC's onshore base station and its offshore rigs, at distances of more than 40 km across the Mediterranean Sea. Each link is delivering speeds of up to 72 Mbps over the air, with built-in security and network features that can be managed from IEOC's base stations. The wireless broadband network has enabled IEOC to immediately transfer critical data and establish secure communications with its offshore teams.

"Reliable communication between onshore and offshore operations is essential for oil and gas companies, where even small delays in the transfer of information can be extremely costly," added (Econnect). "We selected Redline's WiMAX-based products because of their proven field performance and the company's leadership in the wireless broadband industry, particularly in 802-16-based technologies."

"The WiMAX industry is being driven by the growing needs of companies around the world for immediate, secure, high-performance communications networks," said Keith Doucet, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, Redline Communications Inc. "Redline is working closely with Intel and the WiMAX Forum to drive the certification of 802.16-based equipment and is focused on bringing its WiMAX-based RedMAX products, to international markets."

Redline's wireless broadband products include its new RedMAX family of WiMAX-based solutions. Each Redline system delivers reliable, high-speed wireless backhaul for all types of IP traffic, and can be used to establish point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links. The products offer over-the-air secure encryption capabilities and carrier-class performance as well as superior non-line-of-sight capabilities that enable wireless connections over long distances in a variety of geographic conditions.