Labtech Boosts Profile in Kazakstan

Labtech Modular Engineering, part of the ABZ group, has completed a contract worth more than £70,000 with Tracerco to provide a laboratory and a workshop/stores module for Kazakhstan.

The contract for the TCO Tengiz field is the latest in a highly successful year for Labtech, which has already completed a number of lucrative contracts in the Caspian Region.

The deal with Tracerco followed a recommendation from Core Laboratories in Aberdeen which had two modules designed and built by Labtech earlier this year for Western Kazakstan.

The laboratory will be used for onsite analysis to assist reservoir gas tracer studies and will be manned by analytical chemists from the UK with local Kazakh support.

The fully equipped A60 fire rated laboratory is fitted with a system of over pressure to prevent the entry of potentially explosive gases. Each unit has been designed to withstand ranges in temperature from minus 40 degrees centigrade to plus 40 degrees centigrade.

The units were designed, built and delivered on time within 10 weeks.

Labtech sales and marketing director Dave Mair said: "This is a significant contract for Labtech which has already successfully delivered several products for clients in Kazakstan to withstand the country's harsh environment. It boosts our profile in the area and we look forward to strengthening our position with the delivery of the highest standard of equipment from Aberdeen."