Trelleborg to Supply CNR with Fire Safety Solutions for North Sea Platforms

Trelleborg has signed a four-year framework agreement with Canadian Natural Resources, CNR International (UK) Limited, regarding the upgrading of solutions for fire safety and sealing on all CNR platforms in the North Sea.

The framework agreement comprises Elastopipe, a flexible sprinkler and deluge system with unique patented characteristics, and pipe-penetration seals. The agreement represents an international breakthrough for the Elastopipe system, which is the result of many years of development within Trelleborg Viking AS in Norway, part of the Trelleborg Engineered Systems business area.

Elastopipe is manufactured from fire-retardant synthetic rubber and has been developed for sprinkler and deluge systems in extreme high-risk environments, such as oil platforms. Elastopipe is able to withstand extreme temperatures, explosions and corrosion. The solution is used in a number of special applications and replaces pipes made of steel, titanium, fiberglass and other materials.