Amerada Hess Resumes Production at Ceiba

Amerada Hess Corporation announced that the Ceiba Field offshore Equatorial Guinea resumed oil production in late January and is now flowing at rates in excess of 50,000 barrels of oil per day using the new FPSO Sendje Ceiba. Outfitted with expanded production facilities and water injection capability, the Sendje Ceiba will extend field life and maximize oil recovery. The new FPSO replaced the existing FPSO Sendje Berge in just 14 days in January in a safe, cost-effective operation. The Sendje Ceiba has onboard liquids-processing capacity of 160,000 barrels per day and water-injection facilities of 135,000 barrels per day. Additional wells will be brought on line during the year as in-field drilling progresses. Field water injection is scheduled to begin later this month.

"The hookup and commissioning of the Sendje Ceiba in the Gulf of Guinea is a key milestone in the development of the Ceiba Field," said Brian Maxted, Amerada Hess' executive in charge of West Africa operations.

Amerada Hess has an 85% working interest in and is the operator of Block G, where the Ceiba Field is located, and adjacent Block F. Amerada Hess' partner in the blocks is Energy Africa Ltd. of South Africa, which has the remaining 15% working interest. The government of Equatorial Guinea has a 5% carried interest in Ceiba Field production.