Norway Pre-Qualifies Idemitsu to Operate on the Norwegian Shelf

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge has now been pre-qualified as an operator on the Norwegian continental shelf.

To get new competent players to enter the shelf, the Norwegian authorities have established a system for pre-qualification of both licensees and operators.

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge (Idemitsu) has been present on the Norwegian shelf since 1990, when they bought a ten percent share of the Snorre field.

At present Idemitsu has several ownership interests on the Norwegian shelf.

The company is owned by Idemitsu Oil & Gas Co., and is a part of the Idemitsu Kosan group, a Japanese energy group with headquarters in Tokyo.

Idemitsu Oil & Gas Co. has projects in exploration and production in Norway, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

While Idemitsu Petroleum Norge and the parent company Idemitsu Oil & Gas Co. were set up in 1989, the history of the Idemitsu group dates back to 1911. Core activities in the group are exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and gas, but mining, shipping, petrochemical industry, production of agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals have also been important activities.

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge has its headquarters in Oslo. The company currently has 21 employees.

The prequalification system has been set up to give the companies a means of assessing their suitability for participating on the Norwegian continental shelf, before the companies invest resources in evaluating specific business opportunities.