Digi Partnership Takes Remote Site Connectivity to the Extreme

Digi International has partnered with PetroCom to deliver high-speed GSM wireless connectivity over PetroCom's network to offshore oil and gas industry devices in the Gulf of Mexico. The relationship makes it easy for companies with offshore operations to have real-time communications with remote equipment via PetroCom's high-speed EDGE network. PetroCom is a pioneer in wireless voice and data communication in the Gulf of Mexico and will use the Digi Connect(R) WAN GSM to provide Ethernet-to-wireless IP connectivity to offshore sites and devices.

"The partnership demonstrates our dedication to providing connectivity for remote devices in even the hardest-to-reach places," said Larry Kraft, vice president of Americas sales and global marketing, Digi International. "Paired with PetroCom's service, we make it easy to monitor, control and troubleshoot remote sites and devices in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as providing cost-effective backup device network connectivity. Offshore operations now have an alternative communications path to their remote LANs for component troubleshooting and preservation of mission-critical applications."

PetroCom owns and operates the only digital cellular network in the Gulf of Mexico, with a coverage area of more than 100,000 square miles. The network is based on the popular Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard. The Digi Connect WAN GSM combines with PetroCom's high-speed EDGE network to provide customers a truly diverse and secure high-speed connectivity solution for their offshore data connections.

"Digi offers a reliable wireless gateway that is easy to install and operate in conjunction with our EDGE network," said Ken Wright, President and COO, PetroCom. "The Digi Connect WAN wireless router provides the unique functionality we were looking for to provide reliable communications for our customers' remote networks and equipment. We look forward to a strong relationship with Digi as we market this service to our customers."

The Digi Connect WAN GSM is the industry's first commercially available gateway/router to provide high-speed wireless GSM EDGE connections for remote mission-critical data operations. It creates a diverse WAN connection so that when primary connections are unavailable, mission-critical data continues to flow through the cellular wireless connection. The product also provides reliable primary communications for remote equipment, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs) and other industrial Ethernet and serial devices. The Digi Connect WAN remote gateway is supported by the Digi Connectware(R) Manager, an enterprise-class management platform that provides customers with the ability to manage thousands of devices and their wireless connections. Digi Connectware Manager makes it easier to deploy and administer devices over a wireless wide area network, in a secure, easy to use, scalable fashion. It offers easy batch configuration and firmware control, as well as the ability to monitor the status and health of remote devices via intelligent alarms.