Hyperdynamics to Move Forward with Work in the Republic of Guinea

Hyperdynamics Corp. says that its Chief Executive Officer, Kent P. Watts, traveled to the Republic of Guinea on Sept. 22, 2005, to meet with the company's new Vice President for Guinea Affairs, Famourou Kourouma, and the Ministre Secretaire General De La Presidence De La Republique De Guinee.

As directed by his Excellency, President Lansana Conte, Kourouma initiated a series of meetings with the Ministre Secretaire General, Fode Bangoura, to directly communicate with the government of Guinea and commence the process necessary for SCS Corp. to begin its drilling programs.

While in Guinea for approximately two weeks, Watts had two separate meetings with the Ministre Secretaire General. Watts reported that, "The Ministre was extremely understanding and gracious. In both meetings he gave a consistent message of support to continue our work in Guinea. He also was very clear in both meetings to explain that the termination letter reported in July did not come from his office and he had no knowledge of it. With that clarification, he then outlined the process whereby SCS could obtain everything necessary to restart our work."

Watts returned home on Oct. 7, 2005, and Kourouma has continued to work in Guinea to establish and build the company's relationship with the Republic of Guinea.